Who are we?

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In an effort to find my dreams, I have gone in two different directions in my adult life.   My life has always been filled with children.  At a very young age, I began helping at my church's vacation bible school and nursery.  At 16, I traveled to New Hampshire to begin working with kids at Camp Calumet.  I spent one summer as a camp director for South Suburban Recreation Center. When applying for school, I knew I would end up working with children and applied for the Elementary Education programs at Colorado schools. Once I began college at the University of Colorado, I sought out preschools looking for help and then spent my extra hours working for TinyMinders and Boulder Day Nursery.  For the past few years I have taught elementary school north of Denver. Even though I took great pleasure in watching the lightbulb go off in a child's head and joy fill their eyes, I spent the remainder of my day searching out my yoga practice. 

Yoga has also been a big part of my life.  I began with Bikram yoga 10 years ago and just fell in love.  For the past 5 years, I have practiced daily at Core Power Yoga or anywhere else I could take a class.  During the summer of 2007, I recieved my  yoga teaching certification through Core Power Yoga in Denver.  This accomplishment brought me lots of joy and personal growth.  Over the next year, I began to dream of how to link these two loves together.  Yoga for Young Warriors is the product of this dream.  It is intended to honor a child's spirit through yoga.  I, too, am a young spirit and am anxious to get to know children through a new avenue...movement!

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What is a Young Warrior?


Enlightening Minds, Opening Hearts, Empowering Kids


In yoga there are three warrior postures that are often the foundation of  a flow practice.  They are challenging postures, but the beauty of the postures are found through relaxation.  A young warrior is going to find the same strength in a class.  Children often test boundaries during physical activites, sometimes resulting in bumped heads or hurt feelings.  In a Yoga for Young Warriors practice, students will learn to play while building patience and strength by staying calm, a skill that will come in handy during other activities. Yoga is beneficial for everyone and I am excited to be offering it to the "young ones."

School Visits

BASE Program Visits (45-60 minute classes) These classes can be as educational as you desire.  Whether trying to fill a long winter evening inside, a summer schedule or a teacher work day, yoga classes can be an option to fill the time and to get rid of some energy.  These classes will be built with fun in mind.  More than other classes these flows will build partner and game skills. This class is appropriate for all groups looking for a kid yoga class.  Limit: 30 kids at a time Cost: $50/group of 30

Anatomy of Movement (30 minutes of yoga plus 15 minutes of discussion) This class would serve as a great opportunity for students to experience using their bodies.  30 minutes of yoga will involve sun salutations, balancing postures, and back bends.  After the class, I will discuss the ways our skeleton and muscles work together to help create these beautiful postures.  Anaotmy of Movement  would be great to begin, end or support a human body unit.  Limit: 30 students at a time                   Price: $3/student


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Adult Classes

Private Sessions- Whether you have an injury, are intimidated by yoga, or if you just want some extra alignment feedback, Christen is available for private sessions. You can join her at the Qi Yoga studio or you can hire Christen to come to your home. The class will be focused on your needs and taught with a light heart and radical self-acceptance in mind. These private sessions can hold up to 3 yogis (larger groups would just make seperate arrangements). Cost: $45/session at Eliot Street Studio $60/session at your home/work

Classes Open to the Public: Qi Athletic Club invited Christen to be a part of their family January of 2009. Over the course of this first year, Christen has taken on many classes-ranging from Yoga for R&R to Spin Yoga to Bootcamp Yoga and Yoga Sculpt. There is certainly a class that will fit your needs on their schedule and Christen would be honored to have you in her class. Currently Christen teaches 4 mornings a week, as well as a couple of evening classes. Please visit www.qidenver.com for more information on scheduled classes.

Group Sessions: If you have a group of adults who would like the luxury of yoga brought to you personally, Christen would be delighted to come. She will build a class according to your needs/desires. This is a fun and convenient way to bring yoga to your doorstep. Cost: $50/session