Who are we?

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In an effort to find my dreams, I have gone in two different directions in my adult life.   My life has always been filled with children.  At a very young age, I began helping at my church's vacation bible school and nursery.  At 16, I traveled to New Hampshire to begin working with kids at Camp Calumet.  I spent one summer as a camp director for South Suburban Recreation Center. When applying for school, I knew I would end up working with children and applied for the Elementary Education programs at Colorado schools. Once I began college at the University of Colorado, I sought out preschools looking for help and then spent my extra hours working for TinyMinders and Boulder Day Nursery.  For the past few years I have taught elementary school north of Denver. Even though I took great pleasure in watching the lightbulb go off in a child's head and joy fill their eyes, I spent the remainder of my day searching out my yoga practice. 

Yoga has also been a big part of my life.  I began with Bikram yoga 10 years ago and just fell in love.  For the past 5 years, I have practiced daily at Core Power Yoga or anywhere else I could take a class.  During the summer of 2007, I recieved my  yoga teaching certification through Core Power Yoga in Denver.  This accomplishment brought me lots of joy and personal growth.  Over the next year, I began to dream of how to link these two loves together.  Yoga for Young Warriors is the product of this dream.  It is intended to honor a child's spirit through yoga.  I, too, am a young spirit and am anxious to get to know children through a new avenue...movement!


CASEY FEICHT- Since 1998, Casey Feicht had owned Fun and Healthy Lifestyles. She’s been teaching yoga for 12 years, a personal trainer for 20 years and a lifestyles coach through it all! Casey is passionate about kids, parents and families being active and healthy together and finding harmony and balance in Mind, Body and Spirit. 
AMIE GUERRERO- I was born and raised in Colorado. I attended the University of Colorado, Boulder, and currently work as an Advertising Account Executive for Saatchi & Saatchi North America on the Toyota Retail account.

I began practicing yoga in January 2004, My practice began with a focus on the physical body, yoga was way for me to transform my body. After growing deeper into my practice I realized yoga is a lifestyle that goes with me on and off my mat and is not only a physical practice but a mental and spiritual practice that has given me a balance of peace and strength physically as well as mentally and spiritually. I teach yoga to share what has been shared with me. Teaching allows me to share my passion and enthusiasm for yoga while giving and connecting with adults and children. In addition to teaching yoga I love to spend time with family, friends and my dog Howie, I also enjoy working out, watching sports, reading, shopping and traveling.

Moving forward I plan to continue my yoga journey as a student and instructor, and take yoga to people who might not experience it otherwise.

SARAH WOLFGRAM- Sarah Wolfgram earned her Master’s in Nonprofit Management from Regis University in Denver, CO in 2005, and has a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and theology from Wartburg College in Waverly, IA. Sarah has worked in the nonprofit sector since 1999, primarily in raising funds and public awareness for human services organizations.
Prior to her fundraising work, Sarah was a children’s advocate at a shelter for victims of domestic violence, where she first found yoga as a tool to change the energy and focus of her young clients for their weekly groups. Although she came to yoga as a way to help others, Sarah quickly found a change in herself from yoga and embarked on her own yoga journey.
Sarah has practiced yoga for more than ten years and enjoys the way that yoga has transformed her life and the opportunities she has been given to share her yoga with others. Sarah is
volunteer co-director of Yoga for the People, founded in 2007 to connect volunteer yoga instructors with local nonprofit organizations to provide people facing poverty, addiction, violence and other struggles with free, onsite yoga. In 2008, she received her 200 hour training and certification from CorePower Yoga, and in 2010, she completed her Skill in Action Level 2 Vinyasa Teacher training at Om Time.
Sarah is married to her best friend, Jim Grazier. They have a dog named Sydney who faithfully practices down dog and up dog every morning, and a cat named Miriam who likes to watch. Sarah also enjoys camping, hiking, running, writing and volunteering in her spare time.
ANNIE KENNEDY- My sister introduced me to yoga seven years ago while attending college at the University of Kansas.  However, it wasn't until I moved to California in 2006 where I dove head first into my yoga practice. It had such a positive impact in my life that I decided to get certified to teach yoga.  In 2009 I moved to Denver, completed a 200 hour yoga certification through Corepower Yoga, and went on to get an extension in Yoga Sculpt.  My classes are high energy with a touch of laughter and fun.  Yoga has brought strength and stability into my life, and I want to assist others in gaining their own inspiration.  It's amazing how our bodies respond to a daily dose of yoga!

Amanda Guerrero- I was born and raised in Colorado, and have been in Denver since 2006. I graduated from the University of Colorado – Boulder with a B.S. in Economics and I have been an analyst with Xcel Energy since 2007, but yoga is my true passion. Yoga is a daily practice for me and through my yogic journey I have found energy, balance, love, motivation, and wisdom. I have learned to take the peace and ease I find on my yoga mat with me everywhere life takes me. I love teaching yoga because it’s up to me to share what has so freely been given to me. Teaching my chance to share what so many teachers have shared with me, and sharing this with children is such a gift.
JULIE CAMPILIO- Upon discovering her passion for yoga, Julie instantly knew that she wanted to bring this gift to children. Having seven years experience as a preschool teacher and nanny as well as substitute teaching in public and private education, she knew that helping children was her life's purpose. She completed her bachelor's degree in Psychology and Educational Studies, took a year off to travel, and then decided to move to Denver. She completed an internship as a school psychologist and had the opportunity to work with large and small groups of children, creating lesson plans based around confidence, respect, and appreciation. Helping children build awareness at a young age to instill a strong foundation for the future is a huge incentive for her teaching.
Julie earned her 200 hour Yoga Training Certificate through Samadhi Center for Yoga and is currently teaching adults Vinyasa Yoga around the Denver area. Her children's training is through Story Time Yoga and Yoga Ed
SARA ROMITO- There is nothing in life that makes me glow more than to see a child discover possibilities. Teaching children’s yoga is such a natural fusion of my passions… teaching, yoga, and children. I am very lucky to be able to watch children explore and shine in all areas of my professional life. As a fifth grade teacher in Denver I am able to watch students grow academically and socially in the classroom. While I love being in the classroom, my work with children began in the Andes Mountains in 2004 while I was and working in Chile as an elementary science teacher and outdoor education facilitator. It was there that I began to share my own exploration of various disciplines of yoga with children. Watching my students explore their physical and mental boundaries planted a seed. After moving back to the states in 2006 I completed my yoga teacher training. I began teaching vinyasa and teen yoga and shortly after that I shadowed an Itsy Bitsy yoga instructor. Together we created and taught a Mommy and Toddler yoga class. At the same time I launched the ABC (Agility Balance and Coordination) program in Ann Arbor, Michigan inspired by Climber Robin Ebersfield of Colorado. I designed and trained other instructors to facilitate 2-5 year olds in activities that integrated climbing, gymnastics, and children's yoga. After receiving my Masters in Elementary Education, my teaching career moved into the classroom which brought me from Michigan to where I am today. I am excited to be here in Denver and guide the little ones to be the young warriors that they are!
ERIN FEY- Erin has been a fitness enthusiast for most of her life.  After swimming at the collegiate level Erin transitioned to running and has completed numerous 1/2 and full marathons.  Her next big goal is to complete an Ironman triathlon.  Through years of fitness training Erin learned that yoga not only benefits her athletic pursuits but also benefits her day to day life.  Erin is very passionate about teaching children to live a healthy life.  Planting the healthy lifestyle seed early in a child's life is extremely important.  Erin's biggest love and accomplishment is being a mom.