How to Make your House Clean and Tidy

cleaning-suppliesIn today’s age, life moves pretty fast. It always seems there is some errand or responsibility to take care of, thus many of us find ourselves in a never-ending rush. By the time the weekend arrives, we enter a whole new slew of to-dos. Amidst this hectic weekly schedule, our home spaces can become, admittedly, pretty dirty. Whether it’s shower mold or a pile of scattered laundry, everything adds up faster than we think. To prevent mold from sprouting in the shower and avoid last minute clean-sprees before hiring a maid service cleveland ohio, maintain a consistently scrubbed, decontaminated home at all times by brushing up on these simple effective housekeeping tips.
Make a Schedule
Designate a block of time for each week to take stock of any parts of the home that require upkeep. Each aspect of the home dictates a unique time frame of its cleaning frequency, so you will want to take this into account while constructing your routine.
Fridge & Freezer
Discard all old foods that are outdated such as milks and cheeses. Apply a vinegar-based cleaning solution to wipe all grease and food residue. Finish with disinfectant wipes.
Oven, Dishwasher, and Stove
Use a vinegar-based solution to cleanse the surfaces, making sure to remove all debris, grease, and excess food.
Garbage Containers
Sanitize your garbage, trash, and recycling bins to keep insects such as flies and ants at bay.
Wash the base boards and surface area of the floor with the proper solution dependent on the type of flooring like wood, ceramic, granite, marble, etc.
Giving your windows a routine cleansing is mandatory for their appearance, visibility, and longevity. Gather standard window equipment: a scrubber, bucket of warm water, detergent, and paper towels to dry. Squeegees are also particularly useful at swabbing away clumps of grime. If any of your home windows are weathered and older than fifteen years, you may want to consider installing replacement windows.
In addition to vacuuming (which should be done on a weekly basis at minimum), carpets should be shampooed to maintain the quality of the carpet’s material and remove any soiled spots or stains. You can always freshen the house by sprinkling a carpet spray or powder prior to vacuuming to provide a fresh scent throughout the house.
Wipe down cabinets with appropriate cleaning solution to remove any grease or food from cooking activity in the kitchen.
Dust collects everywhere on a constant basis. It seems to be most noticeable on glass-top and wood furniture, which is found throughout the dining room, bedroom, office, and study rooms. This furniture should be dusted with the appropriate cleaning solution at weekly intervals. Doing so will sustain a clean, fresh appearance throughout the home and support a healthy home environment.
Thorough cleaning should be done on a weekly basis at minimum. There are not enough words to explain how important it is to maintain a clean and germ-free bathroom. This includes a thorough cleanse of the sink, toilet bowl, mirrors, and tub or shower. You will want to keep a disinfectant toilet bowl cleaner, toilet bowl scrubber, and a mold and mildew cleaner.