Cleaning Windows like a Pro

window-cleaningLearn the three easy steps and the correct tools you have to make your home windows look as if these were professionally cleaned.
The trick to getting thoroughly clean, streak-free windows is getting the proper tools. Invest in a great squeegee, a squeegee wet cover up (or perhaps a cleaning cloth mounted on the squeegee with elastic bands) and dried out cleaning cloths.
We asked cleaning services Columbus - to describe the easy three-step process with one of these tools in hand.
Pour your selected cleaning solution right into a bucket. Make certain the bucket is broad plenty of for the squeegee to match into. Dunk the squeegee with the wet cover up or attached cleaning fabric in to the bucket. Smear the cleansing solution on the entire surface area of the window.
Remove the wet protect or cleaning fabric from the squeegee. Working throughout, draw the squeegee over the windows, skimming the cleaning answer and dust from the glass. Curve the squeegee by the end of each stroke downward.
Work with a fresh, clean fabric to clean the squeegee dried out after each pass over the window. Function from the very best moving down to underneath. A dried out squeegee avoids drips and maintains streaks from forming.
When you're finished with the squeegee, run the cleaning cloth across the wet side of the window to dry the drips left out. Move to the windows sill and absorb any cleaning answer. Polish the sill dried out with a brand new cleaning cloth.